about us

We are a family run business, the passion we share for massage and the understanding we have of it's benefits has led us to the creation of Taproot Massage Therapy.  



I’m Susan founder of Taproot massage therapy. I am passionate about health and wellness, both physical and mental, and the journeys we all take in this ‘one wild and precious life’. 
Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

I am mum to four, soon to be, teenagers. l love yoga and lifting weights, being outside, the sun, coffee, my dogs, podcasts and good manners. I have a degree in English literature and a longing to travel and adventure far and wide one day.

I have trained in Thai yoga massage, Indian head massage, Swedish massage and meditation instruction, but it was when I discovered Raynor Naturopathic Massage that all of the pieces fell into place. This school of massage not only resonated with me on a physical level but helped me connect and trust in my natural intuition to provide care through touch and transfer of energy.

‘Where intention goes, energy flows’
James Redfield

I feel this is a particularly relevant quote for massage therapy. I like to set my intentions for the massage; to care, to nurture, to restore balance, to heal.



I’m Paul, I’ve been married to Susan for almost 20 years and received a lot of massages in that time! I took an interest in becoming a massage therapist after experiencing the incredible benefits of Raynor Massage on my recovery from physical training.

I started to take my health and physical fitness seriously about four years ago. I now CrossFit five times a week so I understand first hand the aches and pains from DOMS that accompanies exercise! I also run a business which can be stressful at times and I’m bass player who gigs regularly and suffers from tension in the fingers and hands which benefit massively from regular massage.

‘I enjoy seeing people reap the benefits of the massage I give them, locating areas of tension and working it away with just the right amount of pressure, it’s incredibly satisfying!’