What to expect


Expect a rejuvenating massage in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere by therapists genuinely interested in your wellbeing.

Essentially all you will be asked to do is breathe! 
It sounds obvious, however when you really breathe, deeply and purposefully, the benefits are immense and essential to achieving optimum health and the best from your massage.

Do I have to fill in any forms?
Yes, you will be required to fill in a contact information and health questionnaire. Your information will be kept strictly confidential. If you have a condition we are unsure about we will err on the side of caution and not go ahead with the massage.

How long is the massage?
Depending on your booking the massage will take at least one hour or 90 minutes. If you are on a tight schedule we will respect that, if it is possible allow yourself extra time so the experience is unhurried and you are not rushing to your next appointment. Enjoy the post massage feeling!

Do I have to undress?
The massage is best when directly onto skin so that oil can be used. You will be asked to undress down to your pants but will be fully draped apart from the area being massaged. We take your comfort and privacy very seriously and you will not be asked to undress more than you are comfortable with. The therapist will step out of the hut/room while you are dressing/undressing. If you wish to remain fully clothed that is perfectly fine as long as you wear lightweight clothing we can work through. There will be a safe place for any jewellery, keys, phone etc.

Will it hurt?
Chances are you’ve had a massage and gritted your teeth the whole way through and been left bruised and sore under the misleading idea of no pain no gain, or you’ve been at the other end of the spectrum with a ‘pampering’ massage and felt as though you were being irritatingly tickled as the pressure was too light. Taproot massage may become uncomfortable when we are working an area of tension but you control the pressure you are comfortable with. On a scale of 1-10 we aim for around a 7, you decide your own threshold and we check in with you verbally and by careful observation

Will there be whale music and scented candles?
Again this is up to you! If you have a preference for background music we are open to suggestions, if you do not want any music playing let us know. The same goes for the burning of essential oils. Communication will be kept to a minimum once the massage begins so that you can totally relax. If it is possible we ask that you silence your phone.

Is there free parking?
Yes ample space to park, outdoor seating to wait if you are early

How accessible is the hut?
There are steps up to the deck outside of the hut making it inaccessible for wheelchairs, however we also offer massage in our light and airy day room in the house which has two wide steps up to the entrance. This option is available for any client who feels the hut would be unsuitable for them in any way. The toilet is also located in the house.

Is massage suitable for me?
If you are in possession of a physical body then the answer is usually yes, you can be massaged! Age and physical fitness level is irrelevant. There are some medical conditions to which massage is contraindicated, some total and some local. If you have a condition that affects your day to day life you should ask your health professional whether or not you are able to receive massage. Under 16s will need to be accompanied by a adult.