the massage


The primary aim at Taproot massage therapy is to locate any residual tension in the physical body and get rid of it. If pain and tightness are restricting movement or sleeping patterns it can be a difficult cycle to break and culminate in injury or depleting quality of life. 

All of us carry tension from our everyday lives; poor posture and lack of movement can cause it as can working the muscles hard! it’s not necessarily a negative state, however dealing with the negative effects of tension can improve the quality of our lives markedly.

The massage techniques we use are derived from Eastern and Western practices and incorporate elements of deep tissue, Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, reflexology and acupressure. Some of the physical tension we experience may be a manifestation of repressed emotions or stress, (particularly in the abdomen). Removing this promotes relaxation and rejuvenation by releasing stagnant energy, therefore rebalancing our life force or chi helping us to feel a sense of well being.

We emphasise treatment on the hands, feet and head, anchor points which tend to hold a lot of stagnant energy and which are often the key to releasing tension in the back, neck, hips, arm and legs. 

One part of the body may feel tight due to another part of the body holding the tension, we identify the source of the tension and trace it through bands or meridians. 

We treat the body holistically, there is no set routine, it is dependent on the individual and their requirements. The therapists’ findings and intuition will dictate the treatment and recommendations for frequency of treatment in order to arrive at, and then maintain, a feeling of incredible wellness. 

Most people do not realise the extent of the muscle tightness, soreness and restrictions they have been carrying until they are relieved of it.